My social media box set documents my various attempts over the last two years to understand my complicated relationship to social media and the hidden forces that drive it. 
Drawing instagram posts is a way for me to re-contextualize and digest images that intrigue or confuse me. I change the medium to give new light and space to these images and words, and unlock layers of meaning. 
Many of the women featured in the Girls on Instagram series are friends who volunteered their posts. Many others are strangers who I found searching  through hashtags.
The word “girl,” so often pejorative and infantilizing, I use purposefully - the women in my collections are performing girl-dom on a platform that validates their performance. I am interested in the many ways of being and performing “girl” within the context of social media, how those performances are encouraged and propagated, and how they may be limiting, empowering, or something in between. 
In Madypenguin’s Starbucks Cup, I sit with a stranger’s instagram post and my own judgemental reactions to it, looking for the motivations that drive us both. 
While I have been deep at work decoding and denouncing social media over the last two years, my drawings are also my most authentic way of celebrating and honoring a subject. 
The ideas I am exploring within this box set are fluid and rapid-changing; some of them have already changed in the time since I authored them. My world - and its perpetually fluctuating mediums of communication, connection and disconnection - is shaped both inside and against patriarchy and capitalism. These forces are within and all around me. As always, I reserve the right to change and express my mind.
Madypenguin’s Starbucks Cup and Being Basic on Instagram, 2015
Girls Making Faces, 2015
Girls and Their Food on Instagram: Volumes I & II, 2015-2017
Girls and Their Dogs on Instagram, 2018
Girls and Their Bodies on Instagram, 2018
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