#METOO on Instagram: One Year Later, 2018
Rat Shoe, 2016
Speech of Figures, 2017
Spit Wall (painted book), 2017
Spit Wall (screen printed book), 2018
Psychic Menagerie, 2017
Nipstagram, 2019
Baby Loves Booby, 2020
Affirmations, 2018
Tarot Booth, 2017
Every Photobooth in Berlin, 2014
The Adventures of Scapegoat, 2015
The Everything Set: Every Zine I Ever Made
Social Me: Sofia Szamosi's Social Media Box Set, 2018
The Hate Baby, 2016
Golden Bottles, 2018
Girls and Their Food on Instagram, 2016
Girls and Their Dogs on Instagram, 2018
Girls and Their Bodies on Instagram, 2018
Girls Making Faces, 2016
Are You Conrad? 2017
Adventures in Mutual Aid, 2017
I Love You All, Large and Small, 2017
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